Rabu, 29 September 2010

GOSS SC/SSC two high Reconditioned

Reconditioned Defined

The following list is standard for reconditioned Goss SC/SSC units:
1.      Dismantle entire unit down to side frames.
2.      The unit and all necessary connecting parts, top iron, etc. are thoroughly cleaned
3.      All frames and parts are re-painted to original specifications.
4.      Side frames and bores are inspected and re-bored for oversize cylinder sleeves as required.
5.      All bearings are replaced
6.      Bushings are replaced as required.
7.      Cylinders are replaced with remanufactured Stainless Steel cylinders as required.
8.      Ink fountain rollers are replaced with remanufactured 316L Stainless Steel Rollers.
9.      Micro-Metric rollers are replaced with new rollers.
10.  All ink fountain blades and seals are replaced with new components.
11.  All water oscillator  and water pan rollers are replaced as required.
12.  All Rylsan or Copper ink oscillators are replaced as required
13.  Ring and pinion gears replaced with new as required
14.  Internal drive line replaced with new as required.
15.  Replace all nuts, bolts, fasteners etc., with new.
16.  Replace all rubber rollers with new.
17.  All gearing is thoroughly inspected and replaced as required.
18.  Inspect and repair or replace as required all other parts including electrical motors.
19.  Reassemble unit using all factory specifications, settings and adjustments.
20.  Test run unit at top rated speed, perform all electrical, mechanical and pneumatic checks. 
21.  Prepare unit and all connecting parts with rust proof protective wrapping for shipment.
22.  Load and secure on board truck or container as required

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