Jumat, 12 November 2010


High production coldset book press for the production of ¼ folded book signatures in 4 colour.
Cut-off: 630mm
Web width: 965mm
Age:  1999

2 x MAN CDS fully automatic reel pasters 1270mm dia. reels
1 x 4-high tower for the production of 4 colour book sections. 
      Oxydry blanket washers.
1 x MAN 2:3:3 folder with ¼ fold, planatol gluing, Grafikontrol cut-off
PECOM system operator controls for the inking, dampening, press controls etc
Grafikontrol CR10 colour register
Plate bender (Prazision)
Productionupto 70,000 cph running straight 16 pp sections or
35,000 cph running collect producing 32 pp sections

Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

goss ssc & universal

Stocklist :
12 unit GOSS SSC 4 High
12 unit GOSS SSC
12 unit SSC Stacked unit
25 Splicer :Megtech,enkel,Martin

GOSS Universal Folder

Kamis, 30 September 2010

Our Team

Twice as good, because we work twice as hard

We staff the finest Service Technicians, Mechanics, Electricians and Installers in the Industry. We have worked for decades to assembly this team of personable and professional individuals.

There are many different fields of expertise and we have developed a team with a wide array of knowledge and experience. If you need highly qualified Riggers and Mechanics to remove your press and load out trucks or containers, we have them. If you need a highly skilled mechainc to assist your crew with in field cylinder swap outs and iron to iron settings, we have you covered. If you need precise and thorough Installers to install your new press, we have the best level and tram experts around. How about start up and training, we can take care of that too. A folder specialist, no problem. If you need a high quality Press Electrician who specializes in Fincor Drives, we have the best.

Our long term team members are organized and caring professionals. We are focused onyour success and understand that our continued succes hinges on yours. These are mature and talented experts who have traveled the world and will exceed your expectations.

We have experts ready to travel. Please call or email and allow us to quote your project.


We don't rely on our reputation, we build it.

Project by project, our services are designed around your business. All installations are preceded by on-site meetings to ensure that we accurately determine your needs. From electrical and flooring assessments to space planning and site locations, we will see you through the process. Once the equipment is installed, we make ourselves available for training and questions anytime - that's a warranty that never runs out. In the age of new technology, Impressions Worldwide has not forgotten that it's the people who run the presses. Our commitment is to work with everyone involved in the project, and our experience is the key to your success.

Services Offered:
  • Installations anywhere in the world
  • Press Moves
  • Emergency Service Calls
  • On-site Repairs
  • Replacement Parts
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Consulting
  • Training

Rabu, 29 September 2010

DGM 2004 3 Tower

Goss SC/SSC Rebuilt Quarter Folders

SC or SSC Rebuilt Quarter Folders
·         Sold on an “Exchange” Basis

·         Rebuilt to Original Specifications

·         One Year Warranty

·         Typically Available in 30 Days

·         Delivery and Installation Available

GOSS Urbanite CPIR

The “CPIR” Unit

Cleaned, Painted & Inspected with New Rubber Rollers

Urbanite Units from our Inventory

Thoroughly Inspected and Cleaned

Badly worn or broken parts replaced

All good Plate and Blanket Cylinders

All good Copper & Stainless Rollers

All good Chrome Rollers

Ready to install and run in production

New Rubber Rollers installed

Painted an original Goss color per the Customers request

All Connecting Parts included for installation.

Guarantied to Print Industry Standards when Installed by WGS